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Childrens Conference Lay Papers
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Noise Induced Hearing Loss In Children at Work & Play Conference

Lay Papers:

Adolescents and Hearing Impairment
Mario R. Serra
Ester C. Biassoni

Attitudes Toward Noise and Risk Behaviors in Young Adults
Soly Erlandsson
Stephen Widen
Alice Homes
Margareth Bohlin
Ted Johnson

Does Earphone Type Affect Risk for Recreational Noise-Induced Hearing Loss?
Brian Fligor
Terri Ives
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Implications for Schools
Cheryl DeConde Johnson
Noisy Toys: Annoying or Harmful?
Julee Sylvester
Resources to Facilitate Classroom Instruction of Hearing Loss Prevention
Robert Folmer
Sound Output Levels of the iPod and Other MP3 Players: Is There are Potential Risk to Hearing?
Cory Portnuff
Brian Fligor

Sound Sense - Save Your Hearing For the Music!
Gael Hannan
Richard Bowring


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