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Children's Conference - Peer Reviewed Publications
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Covington, Kentucky
October 19 & 20, 2006

Publications from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Children at Work and Play 2006

American Journal of Audiology Supplement  Vol.16 S165-S181 December 2007

Aperçu of Globalization in Audiology

Anthony T. Cacace
Am J Audiol 2007 16: 83. doi:10.1044/1059-0889(2007/009

Program for the Conservation and Promotion of Hearing Among Adolescents
Mario R. Serra, Ester C. Biassoni, María Hinalaf, Marta Pavlik, Jorge Pérez Villalobo, Carlos Curet, Gloria Minoldo, Silvia Abraham, José Moreno Barral, Raúl Reynoso, María E. Barteik, Silvia Joekes, and María R. Yacci
Am J Audiol 2007 16: S158-S164. doi:10.1044/1059-0889(2007/020)

Effectiveness of "Dangerous Decibels," a School-Based Hearing Loss Prevention Program
Susan E. Griest, Robert L. Folmer, and William Hal Martin
Am J Audiol 2007 16: S165-S181. doi:10.1044/1059-0889(2007/021)

Perceived Hearing Status and Attitudes Toward Noise in Young Adults
Alice E. Holmes, Stephen E. Widén, Soly Erlandsson, Courtney L. Carver, and Lori L. White
Am J Audiol 2007 16: S182-S189. doi:10.1044/1059-0889(2007/022)

Comparison of Audiometric Screening Criteria for the Identification of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Adolescents
Deanna K. Meinke and Noel Dice
Am J Audiol 2007 16: S190-S202. doi:10.1044/1059-0889(2007/023)
DOI: 10.1055/s-00000067

Seminars in Hearing
Issue 01 • Volume 29 • March 2008DOI: 10.1055/s-002-10690
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Children Guest Editor Robert L Folmer Ph.D.


Folmer, Robert L.:Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Children


Is External Noise a Risk to Fetal Hearing Development? A Review Thurston, Floyd E.

Investigation of Toy-Noise Exposure in Children Bittel, Samuel N.; Freeman, Barry A.; Kemker, Brett E.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in School-Age Children: What Do We Know? Hidecker, Mary Jo Cooley

Cultural and Social Perspectives on Attitudes, Noise, and Risk Behavior in Children and Young Adults Erlandsson, Soly I.; Holmes, Alice; Widén, Stephen E.; Bohlin, Margareta

Noise Exposure Assessment of Three Adolescents Living on Farms in Northwestern Ohio Milz, Sheryl A.; Witherspoon, Melisa K.; Ames, April L.; Wilkins III, J. R.

Occupational Model of Mobile Audiometric Testing for High School Students Meinke, Deanna K.; Meade, Sarah; Johnson, Cheryl De Conde; Jensema, Jerry

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: Implications for Schools Johnson, Cheryl De Conde; Meinke, Deanna K.

Hearing-Loss Prevention Practices Should Be Taught in Schools Folmer, Robert L.

Applying Health Behavior Theory to Hearing-Conservation Interventions Sobel, Judith; Meikle, Mary

Hearing Conservation and Music Education Chesky, Kris

Wising Up about Noise-Induced Hearing Loss: An Evaluation of WISE EARS! A National Campaign to Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Blessing, Patricia

Dangerous Decibels: Partnership for Preventing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in Children Martin, William Hal

Coordinating a Hearing Health Education Program: Challenges and Strategies Howarth, Linda C.

Evaluation of a Hearing-Loss Prevention Program Griest, Susan


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