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NHCA History
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NHCA History:

Today NHCA is composed of audiologists, physicians, industrial hygienists, safety specialists, engineers, scientists, occupational health nurses and hearing conservationists, equipment manufacturers, students, and others, all of whom are active in hearing conservation. The Association's vital concern and focus has broadened to not only include the prevention of hearing loss due to noise and other environmental factors in the American work force, but also in the general population. As such, its interests extend to all situations in which hearing hazard exists, whether occupational settings in industry and the armed forces, or non-occupational applications in the consumer and recreational sectors.

The first officers of the association were: President, Alan Feldman, Ph.D.; Vice President, Frederic Pullen, MD; Treasurer, Constance Cabeza, MA; Secretary, Lennon Adams MS; At Large Members, Don Wolfe, MA, William H. Call MD. To better manage a growing organization, NHCA contracted with Association Management Group of Washington, DC in 1983, and two years later in 1985 changed its management firm to Association Management Ltd. of Des Moines, Iowa. NHCA incorporated in Iowa on March 22, 1988. In 1995, NHCA hired Executive Director, Inc. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin as its management firm. In 1998, NHCA hired Great Western Association Management Inc. in Denver, Colorado as its new management firm.

NHCA's first publication was the Hearing Conservation Newsletter, which was created and published by Don Wolfe. Volume 1, Issue 1 appeared in the fall of 1976. It was a small single sheet (four-sided) newsletter which devoted much of its early editorial space to describing the newly formed organization which it represented, and to current events. Over the years the newsletter grew and increased its scope and content as well as the depth of its articles. The name changed to NHCA Newsletter (in 1983), to Hearing Conservation News (in 1987), and then to Spectrum (in 1989).

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