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Task Force - Firearms
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Task Force - Recreational Firearm Noise


  1. The task force to prevent noise-induced hearing loss secondary to recreational firearm noise exposure was formed to conduct research in the acoustical measurement of firearm noise to define the risks of firearm noise exposure on hearing under different exposure conditions and to educate the firearm user population about how to adequately protect themselves from dangerous exposures.

  2. Why task force was created?

    1. Measure firearm noise levels and disseminate educational hearing conservation information to recreational firearm users;

    2. We provide educational seminars to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources hunter safety instructors,  members of shooting clubs and 4-H groups;

    3.  Helped create recreational firearm noise page on NHCA’s website, provided several educational seminars to Michigan hunter safety instructors ( through the Michigan Department of Natural Resources) over the past two years, published “Measuring Recreational Firearm Noise in August issue of Sound and Vibration, presented workshop at 2009 NHCA conference;

    4. Continue to work with Michigan shooting sports groups, recruit NHCA members to “spread the word” in their respective states and provide them with a model program, continue to measure firearm noise produced by different recreational firearms under a variety of environmental and acoustic conditions;

    5. Goal is to educate firearm users about hazardous effects of firearm noise exposure to help prevent NIHL.

  3. See recreational firearm noise exposure page under resource on NHCA’s website or click here.

  4. See image below

    New Tinnitus Simulation Available

  5. Dr. Billy Martin of the Oregon Hearing Research Center at Oregon Health & Science University has recently given NHCA permission to publish an audio simulation which mimics what tinnitus (ringing in the ears) sounds like to someone who suffers from this condition. The file is free to download, but please provide credit to Dr. Martin if you use the file for training or demonstration purposes.


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