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Amy Blank Biography
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Amy Blank

Walter Reed National Military Center

 Deputy Audiology Consultant

I am excited and honored to be considered for the position of Director of Membership for the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA).My vision for the NHCA is to expand our membership in innovative ways, reaching out to our sistercommunities and organizations that have interest in the prevention of noise induced hearing loss acrossthe spectrum of people we serve. I feel strongly that good habits and healthy hearing practices beginearly in life and can last a lifetime if reinforced. The keys to this success are education and advocacy.This is where we, as individuals and an organization, are called to lead the way! I hope through innovative outreach and partnerships we can grow our organization, continue to prevent NIHL and advocate on local, regional and national levels for hearing loss prevention and legislation.Earning my master’s degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1993 and my doctorate from CentralMichigan University in 2008, I have served the military in various capacities – enlisted, officer, civilianemployee, reservist, National Guard and active duty. For most of those assignments I served as theinstallation Hearing Conservation Program Manager. Currently I am the Director, Audiology and Speech Center at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD and the Deputy Audiology Consultant to the Surgeon General. Additionally, I have served as the Chief of Preventive Medicine,executive officer, instructor and as a troop commander. I was honored to serve as the president of the Military Audiology Association (MAA) and the Joint Defense VA Association (JDVAA) from 2011-2014.I am also a senior adjunct at Gallaudet University where I teach Community and Industrial Audiology..

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