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Marilyn Morgan Biography
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Marilyn Morgan, RN, COHC

Marilyn began professional services in occupational hearing conservation in 2010 as a hearing conservationist coordinator for an employer in Golden, Colorado who had over 1,500 employees enrolled in the program.  Her interest in hearing conservation began when she served as a school nurse in Arizona.  The audiologists with whom she worked helped her to understand that hearing is so much more than just understanding the anatomy and physiology of the ears.  She became more keenly interested in hearing conservation when she encountered persons with hearing losses who had also experienced diminished quality of life due to those losses.  Marilyn currently works as a professional nurse in occupational health with a different employer  and is enthusiastically sharing the knowledge she gains from NHCA conferences and resources with anyone with whom she can “bend their ear.”  She believes that professionalism involves giving back and thus has been involved with nursing and educational organizations on the local and state levels.  She has provided volunteer and participant services for NHCA and CAOHC.  The broad professional diversity within NHCA is an asset and she hopes to convince others of the importance of service involvement to spread the message about preserving hearing.  As a front line service provider, she strives to provide relevance and significance for each employee to help ensure a positively beneficial outcome in accordance with the standards of the professional organizations that support hearing conservation.

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