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Hearing Conservation Bibliography

Dating back to 1997, articles related to hearing conservation and hearing loss prevention.

Each issue of Spectrum (NHCA's quarterly newsletter) contains a listing of recent references in hearing conservation. References available here begin in 1997 and are updated quarterly.

Educator Resources

Includes posters, slides and Practical Guides offering a rich supply of employee education and motivation.

NHCA is proud to present a line of teaching tools designed to help educate and motivate employees. These items have a multitude of uses and are a most valuable addition to educational materials currently available for hearing conservationists.

Related Sites

Includes an extensive listing of noise and hearing resources available on the web as published in Spectrum.

Starting in 1997 Lee Hager began reviewing selected Internet sites for our print publication Spectrum. In 2000 Rob Pluta took over the review process. Inclusion of links on this page in no way suggests review or approval by NHCA of the materials included on the linked pages.

For Kids and Students

Features NHCA's Crank It Down program, designed to educate school-age children on hazardous noise.

What's Your Favorite Sound?

Take part in our online survey.

The project has provided the opportunity for encounters and discussions with individuals about the value of hearing as well as the need for hearing loss prevention and hearing conservation. It is a practical tool when attempting to motivate an individual to utilize hearing protection or change his or her hazardous noise listening habits.

Regulatory Information

Includes information on hearing conservation regulations and guidelines in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Recreational Firearm Noise

Features information that can be useful in educating recreational firearm users about the hazardous effects of firearm noise on hearing.

Several educational tools can be accessed directly including a tinnitus simulator, shooting sports brochure, slides of normal and noise-damaged inner ears, and a recreational firearm noise exposure power point presentation.

Learn More About Hearing Conservation

Hearing conservation is the prevention of hearing loss.

Although traditional hearing conservation efforts have focused solely on noise in the workplace, the goal of the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) is to prevent ALL hearing loss - whether it results from workplace noise or other environmental factors - in all sectors of society. NHCA strives to be the premier resource for individuals involved in hearing loss prevention.

General Related Sites

Features information and links to sites that relate to hearing loss and prevention.



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