Special Issue of the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America: COVID-19 Pandemic Acoustic Effects

Call For Papers!

Due to COVID-19 The International Year of Sound has, mostly unfortunately, turned into an International Year of Quiet, at least as far as anthropogenic sound is concerned. We, as a scientific and technical community specializing in acoustics, should take note of this sudden and drastic change and do our part to chronicle it as precisely as possible.  COVID-19 has had enormously wide-ranging effects, including strong acoustic effects. 

It is the intent of this issue to quickly publish both specific and general pieces on in-air, in-water, and in-ground measurements of ambient sound (over as complete a frequency spectrum as possible), and the effects of the changed soundscape on people and animals. Time series and geographically differing looks over the lifetime of the event are especially desirable, if available.

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