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Conference Follow-up

Posted: April 7, 2021

    • Virtual Marketplace: The virtual marketplace remains open throughout 2021! Learn more about our incredible sponsors any time by accessing profiles, videos, and other helpful links through the NHCA Learning Center.
    • Conference Archives: Conference archives include the schedule of sessions/events and the speaker handouts for past annual conferences. 2021 conference archives are currently available ONLY to those who attended the virtual conference. To access, CLICK HERE 

    • Share the Gasaway lecture! It’s a great way to introduce friends and colleagues to NHCA and the value we bring to the field of hearing loss prevention. For the first time, NHCA is pleased to make available the 2021 Gasaway presentation for all to enjoy: “This Sound’s Important” by Don Finan, PhD.  Share the link or watch again for inspiration: CLICK HERE

    • Save the Date! Please plan to join NHCA for our next annual conference February 10-13, 2022 in Albuquerque, NM. We will gather together in person once again.

Hearing Research - Current Insights

Posted: April 7, 2021

  • The London School of Economics & Political Science and the World Health Organization recently collaborated on a project to estimate the global cost of hearing loss (all causes). Researchers evaluated disability and cost data available from several sources using a prevalence-based cost model commonly applied to chronic health conditions. Researchers estimated the annual economic global burden of hearing loss to be over $980 billion, mostly due to quality of life and loss of productivity. From a public health perspective, the authors argue that even modest reductions in the overall prevalence or severity of hearing loss can be of significant value.

    David McDaid, A-La Park, and Shelly Chadha (2021): Estimating the global costs of hearing loss, International Journal of Audiology, DOI: 10.1080/14992027.2021.1883197

  • And for something a bit different…’s a fun read about how biology and technology can work together. Interdisciplinary researchers from Tel Aviv University connected a dead locust's ear to a robot in lieu of a standard microphone. Their goal was to use the ear’s ability to detect acoustic signals from the environment and convert the insect input to that of the robot. This work was a proof of concept, demonstrating the use of biological ears for robotic sensing and control.

    Fishel I, Amit Y, Shvil N, Sheinin A, Ayali A, Yovel Y, Maoz BM. Ear-Bot: Locust Ear-on-a-Chip Bio-Hybrid Platform. Sensors. 2021; 21(1):228.


Scholarship Foundation News

Posted: April 7, 2021

 The NHCA Scholarship Foundation is pleased to announce two new Board members:

  • MAJ Kara Cave, Ph.D. will assume duties as Secretary. Kara resides at Fort Rucker, Alabama and is assigned to the U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Lab (USAARL) on post.
  • Greg Flamme, Ph.D. joins the Board as a Director. Greg is a Senior Scientist with Stephenson and Stephenson Research and Consulting (SASRAC) in Forest Grove, Oregon.

 Our new Board Members are familiar faces at NHCA. We thank both for volunteering their time.


Member Discussion Forums

Posted: April 7, 2021 

Have a question? Want to share a new idea? Is there anything NHCA and our members can do to help support your efforts in hearing loss prevention? It’s easy to engage your fellow NHCA members – simply log into your member account and click “Community Forum.” There you can start a new, or join a current, topic discussion. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to access Discussion Forums (be sure to log in to your account to participate).


High School Robotics Team Survey

Posted: April 7, 2021

NHCA has been contacted by a Massachusetts high school robotics team studying challenges the deaf and hard of hearing community face when participating in physical activity. Visit the Ligerbots webpage to learn more about the team and their project (LigerBots robotics team CLICK HERE to participate in their 5-10 minute anonymous survey.

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