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Protecting Children's Hearing
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Protecting Children's Hearing

Dangerous Decibels Virtual Exhibit        
Explore a virtual exhibit of the hazards of noise 

Hearing Conservation Education Programs for Children

A Review by Robert Folmer, Susan Griest, and William Martin. Journal of School Health, 72 (2), p. 51-57, Februray 2002
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It's How You Listen That Counts Campaign

Learn more on how to listen to MP3s and music without hurting your ears.

Provide an Educational Hearing Conservation Program for Kids
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Operation BANG
"Operation BANG: Teaching Children to be Aware of Noise" by Theresa Schultz; Spectrum 8, #4, Fall 1991
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Providing an Educational Hearing Conservation Program for Kids - Susan Griest
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Farm Safety Camp
"MillionEar" interactive game based on the "Who Want's to Be a Millionaire" TV game show. Targeted for grade school youth, but equally adaptable for adolescents and adults. Focuses on farm noise risks, however concept can be easily modified for other noise sources and venues.
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Hearing Protection Recommendations from 3M and Aearo
Here's some information (from Aearo and 3M) describing suitable hearing protectors for noise and water protection for children up to age 15.

New ANSI Standard Released
The American National Standards Institute has recently release a new standard, S12.60-2002 "American National Standard Acoustical Performance Criteria, Design Requirements, and Guidelines for Schools," which is being made available for free to interested educators and professionals.  Read the ANSI press release that describes the standard and how to obtain it.

Mechanics of Hearing Workshops
View two streaming video presentations from the 9th "Mechanics of Hearing" Workshop in Portland, Oregon on July 23-28, 2005.  The presentations are: Dr. Jim Hudspeth speaking on "The ear's gears:  Molecular machines that help hearing happen," and Dr. Billy Martin speaking on noise-induced hearing loss and how to avoid it.
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First National Conference on Noise Induced Hearing Loss in Children and Adolescents
Conference Pre-announcement: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have awarded a NIOSH Conference Grant for the first national conference on the "Prevention of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Children and Adolescents". The conference will be a collaborative effort on behalf of the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA), the Marion Downs Hearing Center (MDHC) and the University of Northern Colorado. It is expected to occur during the Fall of 2006. Additional information will be forthcoming as conference details become available.

Animated video of how hearing works
Watch an animated clip of how people hear sounds, courtesy of the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. Note: requires Windows Media Player.

EPA - Noise Outreach Documents circa 1979
Sound Advice: A Volunteer Noise Counselor's Guide
Sound Advice: A Volunteer Organizer's Guide
School Hearing Test Program
A Primary Teaching Pack - NOISE

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