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Just for Kids - Activities and Materials
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Just for Kids - Activities and Materials

Jolene and the Jolene Cookbook

Jolene is a system for measuring the sound levels of personal stereo systems.  Jolene was designed and constructed by a student using a used fashion mannequin and a sound level meter wired to a silicone ear. Jolene is a resource of the Dangerous Decibels® partnership, which promotes hearing health and the prevention of noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.

View Jolene brochure

The Jolene Cookbook can be downloaded for FREE at

Crank It Down - Poster Contest

Poster contests are a fun way to involve the art teacher in the noise awareness educational efforts for children. These files are examples used in past promotions and may be modified for your own use. (Microsoft Word required)

Million Dollar Ear Graphic

Million Dollar Bill with giant ear on face of president





NIOSH Interactive Noise Thermometer

Thermometer that lets you listen to what some common tools they sound like, and shows how loud they are.


ASHA "Listen to your Buds" Campaign

Bookmarks and a coloring banner designed to show how hearing loss can possibly result from new technology.



More Fun Activities


Hearing is Fun Classroom Activity Guide
Classroom activity guide (PDF) for 6-12 year olds by Elliott Berger of E•A•R Hearing Protection Products.
(Adobe Acrobat required)
Noise Destroys
Activity Maze
View maze (PDF)
Aircraft carrier photo
View image (PDF)

Activities from NASA
View activity sheets

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