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Outstanding Lecture Award - Past Recipients
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Outstanding Lecture Award

The winner will be selected by ballot using the evaluation forms that attendees turn in at the end of the conference. All conference attendees who are registered for the entire conference are eligible to vote. The Annual Conference Task Force Chair has responsibility for coordinating the selection of the awardee and presentation of this award.

The Outstanding Lecture Award is bestowed annually for the best presentation at the annual conference of NHCA. The purpose of the award is to provide additional incentive to speakers to deliver high quality, interesting, informative, and polished lectures. Each author who agrees to present at the annual meeting will be notified at the time of his/her acceptance of the existence of the award and the requirements for earning it. All presenters, excluding the luncheon speaker, the seminar/short course instructor(s), forum and/or panel participants, and the Annual Conference Task Force Chair, are eligible for this award. 


Past Recipients:

2012 Megan Morris
2011 Laurie Wells
2010 Christine Harrison
2009 Jillyen Curry-Mathis
2008  John Casali
2007 Brad Witt
2006 Brad Witt
2005 James Banach
2004 Yehoash Raphael
2003 Col. Richard Kopke
2002 Ted Madison
2001 Elliott Berger
2000 Mark Stephenson & Carol Mary Stephenson
1999 Dennis Driscoll
1998 Elliott Berger, Ronald Kieper, Donald Peyton
1997 Theresa Schulz
1996 Donald Gasaway
1995 Carol Merry
1994 Donald Gasaway
1993 Elliott Berger
1992 Alf Axelsson
1991 Charles Liberman, John Casali
1990 Mead Killion, Larry Royster





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