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Executive Council Contact Information 2018-2019
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2018-2019 Executive Council


Vickie Tuten

DoD Hearing Center of Excellence 
New Braunfels, TX  | USA

President Elect
Amy Blank 

Office of the Surgeon General
Falls Church, VA | USA


Past President

Colleen LePrell


University of Texas at Dallas
Dallas, TX  | USA


Theresa Small, Au.D., CPS/A

Associates in Audiology, Inc.
Englewood, CO | USA


Director of Communication
Frank Wartinger

Earmark Hearing Conservation
Philadelphia, PA | USA


Director of Education
Rachel Bouserhal

Montreal, Quebec | Canada


Director of Membership
Jillyen Curry-Mathis

Military Training and Education Campus
FT Sam Houston, TX| USA 



Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Kathy Gates

DoD Hearing Center of Excellence
Queensbury, NY | USA


Elliott H. Berger, INCE.Bd.Cert., MS, FAIHA

Indianapolis, IN | USA


Member Delegate
Michael Stewart

Central Michigan University

Mt.Pleasant, MI | USA



Member Delegate
Michele Alexander

Workplace INTEGRA
Greensboro, NC| USA


PSP Member Delegate
David Nelson

The Hearing Advantage

Tonawanda, NY | USA


Commercial Member Delegate
Heather Malyuk


Chicago, IL | USA




Associate Member Delegate
David Stern


The Boeing Company
Seattle, WA | USA



Student Member Delegate
Caleb Kronen

The University of Colorado
Boulder, CO | USA

Executive Director
Amanda Rewerts

National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA)
Westminster, CO



Leadership Advisory Team

Jennifer Tufts, John Casali, Mary McDaniel, Tim Rink
Elliott Berger and Amanda Rewerts - Ex Officios


2008 Brandy Dr

National Hearing Conservation Association
12011 Tejon Street, Suite 700
Westminster, CO 80234
Phone: 303-224-9022
Fax: 303-458-0002