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Readers' Choice Award
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Readers' Choice Award:

Click here to submit your nomination for the Readers' Choice Award by August 31, 2017



What is the Readers’ Choice Award?

The award (certificate) will be given to author/authors of the best peer-reviewed publication related to hearing conservation in a given calendar year (e.g. 2016).


Who may nominate?

Any NHCA member in good standing may nominate only one peer reviewed publication for the award.

Who can be nominated?

NHCA wishes to recognize the most significant peer-reviewed contribution in the field of hearing conservation. Thus the author/authors need not be members of NHCA. Only one article per author can be submitted for consideration. The publication must be available in printed or online format and should have a publication date within the relevant calendar year.


What is the relevant date of publication?

The date of publication must be in the calendar year two years prior to the calendar year of the conference during which the award will be given. Thus, for the 2018 Readers’ Choice Award, all publications dated up to August 1, 2016 are eligible. This will allow fair opportunity to all manuscripts published within the relevant calendar year including those published in the last months of the calendar year to be considered for nomination. For publications that are published in both online and print formats, the earlier of the two dates (years) will be considered the year of publication.

How can I submit a nomination?

NHCA members in good standing may submit a nomination online, click here to complete the Readers’ Choice Award nomination form.

When are nominations due?

For the conference occurring in 2018, the last day to submit nominations for the Readers' Choice Award for manuscripts published in 2016 is August 31, 2017.


Who selects award recipients?

A sub-committee of the Scholarship Foundation Board of the NHCA will select top 3 nominations from submitted nominations by December 1, 2017  following the closing date of nominations. NHCA members will be notified of these selections and requested to vote to choose the award winner during the month of January, prior to the conference.

How are award recipients recognized?

The award recipients will receive a certificate from the NHCASF.


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