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The Scholarship Foundation has worked diligently to provide educational opportunities for students since 2003. Many students have benefited from receiving the Student Research Award (SRA) and/or Student Conference Award (SCA) over the years and have become active, dedicated members of NHCA. Though the SRA and SCA provide great benefit to those students who receive the awards, the Scholarship Foundation's goal is to expand the opportunities for students who need the financial assistance to attend the annual conference. Several new donation opportunities are now available. NHCA members are encouraged to consider donating to one or more of the categories listed below so that financial assistance can be offered to more students who are interested in attending conference, but may not have the funds to do so. We appreciate your support! All contributors will be recognized in the conference program as well as on the NHCA website for their generosity.

If you would like to donate a specific fund or category, please indicate on the donation form.

Donation categories/funds Include:

  • Patron Named Student Conference Award 
    Donate to this category at $20,000 and you will provide a permanent endowment for a named Student Conference Award.
  • Lodge A Student 
    Donate to this category and you will help provide hotel accommodations for students during the upcoming conference.
  • Educate A Student
    Donate to this category and you will help provide financial assistance with the cost of student registration at the upcoming conference.
  • Transport A Student
    Donate to this category and you will help provide airfare and/or transportation for a student at the upcoming conference.
  • Sponsor A Student 
  • Donate to this category and you will help provide general financial assistance to a student attending the upcoming conference.

OTHER donation categories Include:

  • Student Conference Award Sponsorship 
    Donate funds to assist Student Conference Award recipients with their travel expenses to/from the conference.
  • Student Research Award Sponsorship 
    Donate funds to assist Student Research Award recipients with their research projects.
  • General Endowment 
    Donate funds to this category if you do not have a specific category in mind from the above list.
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Student Testimonials:

The scholarship support that is given to the National Hearing Conservation Association for student scholarships has made so many wonderful opportunities possible not only for myself, but also for many of my peers who share in my passion and commitment to hearing conservation efforts. The scholarships have afforded me the opportunity to attend the annual conferences, learn about the latest trends in hearing conservation and hearing protection technology, network with other students and experts in the field of hearing conservation, but most importantly, the donations have given me a chance to pursue my goals and dreams. Your humble generosity to the association and to the future of our field is an inspiration and it does not go unnoticed, nor is it taken for granted. I hope that the NHCA members will continue to renew or increase their gift today to allow many more incredible individuals the opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams, as well. - Alyssa Pursley