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NHCA is proud to present a line of teaching tools designed to help educate and motivate employees. These items have a multitude of uses and are a most valuable addition to educational materials currently available for hearing conservationists.


For Orders outside the US please do not use the online ordering process due to higher shipping costs.

Please download and fax in the PDF of the Products Order Form

Why should you buy these posters? To show your employees after the hearing test;to use in education sessions; to post in the workplace; to advertise your services; to make your company name visible at the worksite; to hang in your place of business; to give away to clients; to resell or distribute at CAOHC courses; to support NHCA; all of the above!
These pamphlet-sized guides are packed full of useful tidbits to make the most of your hearing conservation program. Eight guides are available.
The images, sold only in sets, are designed for use in employee training sessions, management training, and CAOHC courses. They can be used in public speaking requests of all kinds related to the hazards of noise on hearing.
Click here to view the DVD currently available through NHCA.


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