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Webinar: Effective Hearing Conservation Messaging and Motivation

Posted: May 13, 2022

May 19, 2022, 2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time
Presenter: 2005-2006 NHCA President, Laurine “Laurie” Wells, Au.D.
NHCA/CAOHC members pay a reduced rate.

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Inaugural United Kingdom (UK) Hearing Conservation Association Conference

Posted: May 13, 2022

The first conference of the UK Hearing Conservation Association, Listen Up, will be held November 3, 2022, in Manchester, England. Listen Up will focus on noise-induced and sound-induced harm prevention, looking beyond the workplace. Speakers currently include Chris Steel, Peter Wilson, Samuel Couth, Christopher J. Plack, Andrea Harman, and Vanessa Champion. Full details are online at:


Seeking NHCA Professional Service Provider (PSP) Delegate

Posted: May 13, 2022

The National Hearing Conservation Association is seeking a volunteer interested in serving as the PSP Delegate to the NHCA Executive Council. The PSP Delegate represents those NHCA members who provide professional hearing conservation services – most often for compliance with the Hearing Conservation Amendment to the OSHA Noise Standard (29 CFR 1910.95) and the OSHA Recordkeeping Standard (29 CFR 1904.10). The PSP Delegate serves on the Membership Services Council with the two Member Delegates, a Commercial Delegate, an Associate Delegate, and a Student Delegate. Any NHCA voting member who is interested should contact Richard Stepkin, Director of Membership, [email protected].


Hearing Research – Current Insights

Posted: May 13, 2022, Perceptions, and Literacy Surrounding Hearing Loss and Hearing Rehabilitation Among the Adult Population in the United States

  • Searching for educational materials to teach children about the importance of hearing has improved greatly over the last 30 years. What about adult education? To paraphrase Dr. Doug Ohlin, if a drop of blood ran out of the ear for every decibel of hearing lost, individuals would need little convincing that hazardous noise damages hearing. Researchers with the Hearing Health Collaborative,, surveyed 1,250 U.S. adults. Among their findings: less than 20% understood that hearing loss is preventable. While (59%) reported taking their pet(s) to a veterinarian, just 27% reported having a hearing evaluation.

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Sound Postcard

Posted: May 13, 2022

Hear the Weird Sounds of a Black Hole Singing, Dennis Overbye, The New York Times, May 7, 2022

Credit: Getty Images

In 2003, Astrophysicists working with NASA’s orbiting Chandra X-ray Observatory, a 45-foot satellite telescope which detects X-ray emissions from exploded stars, galaxy clusters, and matter near black holes, recorded sound pressure waves with a period of 10 million years. Now, they have translated the frequencies in these waves to within human audibility. Universe Idol, anyone? To learn more click here


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