Executive Council


Amy Blank 
Office of the Surgeon General
Falls Church, VA | USA

President Elect
Theresa Schulz
DoD Hearing Center of Excellence
New Braunfels, TX


Past President 
Vickie Tuten 
New Braunfels, TX | USA

Theresa Small, Au.D., CPS/A
Associates in Audiology, Inc.
Englewood, CO | USA

Director of Communication
Lori Aronovici
Health Conservation Inc.
Rockford, IL | USA

Director of Education
Rachel Bouserhal
Montreal, Quebec | Canada

Director of Membership
Jillyen Curry-Mathis
Military Training and Education Campus
FT Sam Houston, TX| USA 

Director of Marketing & Public Relations
Kathy Gates, DoD 
Hearing Center of Excellence
Queensbury, NY | USA 

Elliott H. Berger, INCE.Bd.Cert., MS, FAIHA
Indianapolis, IN | USA

Member Delegate
Liz Masterson
Cincinnati, OH | USA 

Member Delegate
Michele Alexander
Greensboro, NC| USA 

PSP Member Delegate
Teah Richey
Health Conservation Inc
Oconomowoc, WI | USA 

Commercial Member Delegate
Heather Malyuk
Chicago, IL | USA

Associate Member Delegate
David Stern
The Boeing Company
Seattle, WA | USA

Student Member Delegate
Caleb Kronen
The University of Colorado
Boulder, CO | USA

Executive Director
Kim Gill, MA, CAE
National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA)
Aurora, CO


Leadership Advisory Team
John Casali, Jim Jerome, Colleen Le Prell, Jennifer Tufts, Kristy Casto, Kim Gill, and Elliott Berger