Student Conference Awards

The Scholarship Foundation of the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) is pleased to announce the availability of a limited number of student conference awards for the Annual NHCA Conference. In addition to outstanding technical presentations on hearing loss prevention, there will be numerous opportunities to attend in-depth workshops, poster sessions, and discussion groups. 

The Student Conference Award (SCA) includes paid registration to the annual conference and up to $800 for travel expenses. This one-time Award is available to students who are actively pursuing a graduate degree in a discipline related to hearing conservation and who are enrolled at least half-time in an accredited university program. Previous recipients of the NHCA Student Conference Award include masters and doctoral-level students in audiology, human factors engineering, industrial hygiene, and public health, from a variety of universities across the country. Applications must be received online September 25, 2020 by 12:00 PM EDT. Students who have previously received an SCA are not eligible. 

Required Submission Materials Includes a Recommendation Form.

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Recipients of the Student Conference Awards:

Year Recipient  University

Rachel Ehnis

Western Michigan University


Brendan Fitzgerald

SUNY at Buffalo


Jameel Muzaffar

University of Cambridge


Elon Ullman

University of Michigan


Jenny Rajan

Salus University


Megan Bilodeau

 Vanderbilt University

  Candace Johnson

University of Texas - Austin

  Jennifer Meyer  Illinois State University
  Brandon Thompson Virginia Tech University
2017 Daniel Adams University of Cincinnati, AuD Candidate, 3rd Year
  Siobhan McGinnity University of Melbourne's Audiology Clinic
  Bo Martinez University of Northern Colorado, Aud Candidate, 4th Year

2016 Dena Fahlquist Rush University Medical Center, AuD Candidate, 4th Year
  Drew Price Rush University Medical Center, AuD Candidate, 4th Year

2015 Karin Adams Colorado State University, PhD Candidate, Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences/Industrial Hygiene, 2nd Year
  Alyssa Pursley Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Audiology and Communications Sciences, 3rd Year
  Erika Ortiz University of Florida, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences/Audiology, 3rd Year
2014  Britany Barber  University of Iowa, Audiology, 4th Year  
  Kyle Geda  University of Western Michigan, Audiology, 2nd Year 

  Vincent Nadon  Ecole de Technologie Surperieure, Electrical Engineering, 2nd Year 
2013 Jason Powell University of North Texas, Computer Science and Engineering, 4th Year
  Jessica Stamey University of Kansas, Audiology, 4th Year 
  Susan Strauss  University of Pretoria, Dept. of Communicaitons Pathology, 4th Year 
2012 Rachael Baiduc Northwestern University, Ph.D. candidate
  Jennifer Eggebrecht University of Northern Colorado, Au.D. candidate
  Stephanie Phelps University of California, San Francisco, Ph.D. candidate
2011 Christoffer Berntsen University of Louisville, 3rd year/Au.D. Program
  Dana Gladd University of Wisconsin, 4th year/Au.D. Program

  Sarah Knauf SUNY at Buffalo, 3rd year/Au.D. Program

  Roxanne Kohilakis WU - School of Medicine, 2nd year/Au.D. Program
  Sara Neumann Illinois State University, 2nd year/Au.D. Program
2010 Alexander Claussen Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, 2nd year/MD Program
  Hannah Keppler Ghent University, Belgium, 4th year/PhD Program
  James Rubas University of Connecticut, 3rd year/AuD Program
  Amanda Ucci University of Connecticut, 3rd year/AuD Program
  Emily Wakefield University of Northern Colorado, 4th year/AuD Program
2009 Melissa Alexander Rush University, 2nd year AuD program
  McLorn Carpenter Rush University, 2nd year AuD program
  Amanda Knapp Western Michigan University, 3rd year AuD program
  Tony Philip Salus University, 4th year AuD program

  Jennifer Thomas Arizona Health Sciences, 3rd year AuD program
2008 Marla Bruce University of Northern Texas, 2nd year AuD program

  Scott Lanford University of Northern Texas, 2nd year AuD program
  Kevin Liebe Western Michigan University, 3rd year AuD program

  Rick Neitzel University of Washington, 3rd year PhD program

  Gayla Poling Ohio State University, 2nd year PhD program in audiology

2007 Top Awards  
  Elizabeth Baum Washington University - St. Louis/CID, AuD program
  Stephanie Griffin University of Washington, masters program in Industrial Hygiene
  Cory Portnuff University of Colorado, AuD/PhD - Speech, Language, Hearing Program
  Runners Up  
  Khaled Alali Virginia Tech, PhD - Human Factors Engineering & Ergonomics program

  Benson Davis University of Cincinnati, AuD program
  Darrin Worthington Northwestern University, AuD program
2006 Lovejoy Muchenje Virginia Tech, masters program in industrial engineering (human factors)
  Jeremy Slagely West Virginia University, PhD program in occupational safety & health
  Andrea Wagner Central Michigan University, AuD program
2005 Elizabeth Beal Central Michigan University, 3rd year AuD program (winner)
  Dana Libman University of South Florida, 3rd year AuD program
  Rachel Sanders University of Northern Colorado, 2nd year AuD program
2004 Antony Joseph Michigan State University, PhD program in audiology
  Jeff Lancaster Virginia Tech, PhD program in industrial engineering (human factors)
2003 Kimberly Jordan University of Texas-Dallas, AuD program
  Melissa Norman University of Alabama at Birmingham, doctor of public health (DPH) program
  Jonathan Thomas Colorado State University - Fort Collins, PhD program in industrial hygiene
  Elizabeth Thompson Indiana University - Bloomington; masters program in audiology