Student Research Awards

During the fall semester of each year NHCA will select up to two Students or recent graduates (e.g. AuD, PhD, MS, MD) in fields related to hearing loss prevention/hearing conservation at accredited US institutions for research awards. The awards are for completed research (such as dissertations, theses, and special projects) in the related fields. Recipients are expected to present their work at the upcoming or one of the future annual conventions of the NHCA. The recipient(s) will receive a cash award of $500 and up to $2,000 for travel and registration expenses following their presentation at one of the annual conferences of the NHCA. Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement of reasonable travel and registration expenses which are limited to $2,000. The receipts should show that the expenses are reasonable and not exorbitant (e.g., Coach fare versus first class fare).

 Required Submission Materials Include:

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Recipients of Student Research Awards 

 Year Presenter Name University
2019-2020 Kathryn Crawford  University of Iowa
  Siobhan McGinnity  The University of Melbourne
2018-2019 Megan Annis University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

  Ashley Stumpf University of Northern Colorado 

2017-2018 Ben Roberts University of Michigan School of Public Health

  Sarah Yahrmatter Central Michigan University

2016-2017 Evan Mattice University of Texas, Dallas

2015-2016 Alyssa Pursley Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

2013-2014 Alyssa Reynolds Lerner  University of Northern Colorado 


Jonathan Andrew Piakis

University of Arizona

2011-2012 Krisztina Bucsi Johnson East Tennessee State University

2011-2012 Kari Elizabeth Morganstein University of Florida

2010-2011 Ryan Johnson University of Cincinnati

2009-2010 Quintin Hecht Illinois State University

2009-2010 Sneha Hinduja State University of New York at Buffalo

2009-2010 Kichol Lee

Virginia Tech

2008-2009 Christopher Spankovich Vanderbilt University 


Emily Wakefield

University of Northern Colorado


Cory Portnuff

University of Colorado at Boulder


Elizabeth Baum

Washington University - St. Louis
2007-2008 Kristen Casto Virginia Tech


Benson Davis

University of Cincinnati
2006-2007 Sara Gill University of Northern Colorado


Barbara Libbin

University of Maryland, College Park
2005-2006 Sandra Romero San Diego University


Jill Lockwood

2004-2005 Melissa Norman University of Alabama at Birmingham


Jeremy Slagely

West Virginia University
2003-2004 Jennifer Hill