Principles of Ethics


The goals and purposes of the Association demand the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior on the part of its members. This Principles of Ethics has been developed to identify some fundamental principles that should be honored by Association members.  These principles should not be viewed as exclusive, but represent the general standards of ethical practice expected by the Association and its members.  Any act that is in violation of the spirit and principles of the Principles of Ethics shall be viewed as unethical practice.  Members share in the responsibility to advise the Association of instances of possible violation of the Principles.


Members shall ensure their education and training is consistent with the range of professional services they may provide. All categories of members shall refrain from misrepresentation of credentials or other qualifications.

Professional members shall not abuse the prerogative of delegation of services and shall ensure that appropriate supervision of non-professionals is provided. 

Services provided shall, at a minimum, conform to standards adopted by this Association, or in the absence of such standards, shall conform to the standards established in federal and state regulations as they may apply, and to commonly-accepted standards of professional practice.  The standards developed by this Association will always be at least as rigorous as those required by federal and state regulatory agencies.

Communications to the public, other Association members, or purchasers of services and products must be accurate.  They shall not convey false, unsupported, deceptive or misleading information, nor shall they be defamatory in nature.