Hearing Research - Current Insights 

Posted: October 7, 2020 

  • A recent NIOSH publication concludes that large numbers of workers within the services work sector have an elevated risk of hearing loss and need immediate hearing conservation efforts. A number of sub-sectors studied had adjusted risks significantly higher than expected, even some traditionally viewed as ‘low-risk’ for hearing loss.

Sekhom, Masterson, and Themann (2020). Prevalence of hearing loss among noise-exposed workers within the services sector, 2006–2015. International Journal of Audiology.

  • DoD Hearing Conservation Program evaluation has historically been limited to service-specific hearing metrics. In a recent article published on the Military Health System website, researchers present findings from the first review of audiometric data according to the Measures of Effectiveness developed by the DoD Hearing Conservation Working Group in 2018.

Batchelor, Wolff, McKenna and Williams, Hearing Conservation Measures of Effectiveness Across the Department of Defense, Health.mil, published online July 1, 2020.