International Journal of Audiology

Since 2010, the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) has collaborated with the International Journal of Audiology (IJA) to publish selected papers representing the annual NHCA conference, to allow for better dissemination of new and on-going research in hearing loss prevention. The most recent edition, covering the 39th Annual Conference, Stop Gambling With Your Hearing, marked our fifth successful publication. We are working to continue this effort for a sixth year, and we need your help.

The NHCA annual conference brings together some of the most prominent names in hearing loss prevention; it’s an event whose quality defies the constraints of a small professional association, largely due to the efforts of our members, whose volunteerism is extraordinary. Since its inception, the IJA publication has depended on our membership to serve as editors, selecting and reviewing presentations on a tight deadline in order to release the supplement at the next year’s conference. Through the contribution of hundreds of volunteer hours, and a recent move to an electronic format on the part of the IJA, we have limited the fiscal burden in our production of this valuable resource; however, the cost remains approximately $10,000 annually. We are currently seeking your sponsorship to offset these costs. IJA sponsorship can be added on to your overall NHCA sponsorship package, or as a separate donation. As in previous years, if additional funds are received, the remainder will serve as seed funding for next year’s publication.

Our sponsors benefit by having their organizations acknowledged in the journal, which is distributed to more than 10,000 libraries, and are recognized in NHCA’s quarterly publication, the Spectrum, for demonstrating their commitment and support of our organization and for furthering the cause of hearing loss prevention.

Dissemination of NHCA’s conference presentations helps us to extend our knowledge to the greater world. Additionally, it improves our recognition worldwide as the leading authority on hearing loss prevention. Offering presenters an opportunity for peer-reviewed publication facilitates advancement in their careers, and encourages more submissions and better presentations.

Thank you for your continued support of NHCA and of hearing conservation!