Media Award

The NHCA Media Award was established in 1993 to recognize the efforts of writers and/or producers of news features that serve to heighten public awareness of the hazards of noise.  It is also available to NHCA members who take the time and effort to bring hearing conservation related issues into public light.  Nominations for this award may be from non-NHCA members, and NHCA members are encouraged to nominate themselves.  

To learn more about the recipients and their specific contributions, NHCA members can access the Spectrum Conference Supplements. The Supplement corresponding to the year of the award will contain a photograph of the awardee and their encomium.


2023 Frank Wartinger, Earmark Hearing Conservation
2022 Thais Morata and Wikipedia partners
2021 John Eichwald, CDC Noise Induced Hearing Loss Workgroup
2016 Kevin O'Connor, Ask This Old House
2015 Lynn W. Henselman, The Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence, Comprehensive Hearing Health Program
2014 Gordon Hempton, The Sound Tracker
2013 Cara Buckley, The New York Times
2011 NIOSH Hearing Loss Prevention Team
2010 The National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, "It’s a Noisy Planet Protect Their Hearing”
2009 Reed Pence
2008 Ben Jackson
2007 William Martin, Robert Folmer, Susan Griest, Linda Howarth, Judy Sobel
2006 Brian Fligor
2005 Les Blomberg
2004 Mark Stephenson
2000 Linda Kulman
1999 John Bilotta
1998 Nancy Nadler
1997 Jim Ryan
1995 Karen Crammer-Briskey, Bill Clark
1994 John Casali and Madelyn Rosenberg
1993 Dorrie Watkins, Bill Clark