Outstanding Hearing Conservationist Award

Established to recognize outstanding contributions to, or achievement within, the field of hearing conservation, the Outstanding Hearing Conservationist Award, first presented in 1990 to Aram Glorig, is conferred annually if a suitable candidate is selected by the Nominations Committee.

Past Recipients:

2017 Deanne Meinke
2015 William Murphy
2014 Richard (Dick) Danielson
2011 Peter Rabinowitz
2010 Mark Stephenson
2009 John Casali
2008 Thais Morata
2007 G. Richard Price
2006 Donald Henderson
2005  Robert Dobie
2004 John Franks
2003 Mead C. Killion
2001 Alf Axelsson
1999 Daniel J. Johnson
1998 Julia Doswell Royster
1997 Donald Gasaway
1996 Larry Royster
1995 William Melnick
1994 Henning von Gierke
1993 Elliott Berger
1990 Aram Glorig