NHCA members include occupational and clinical audiologists, industrial hygienists, occupational health nurses, acoustical engineers and technicians, physicians, occupational health and safety professionals, military personnel, university professors, students, researchers and others with an interest in hearing conservation.

Benefits of Membership

  • We provide networking resources and professional development opportunities to improve skills, practices, and services of our members.
  • Membership includes reduced registration cost for our annual conference:  learn from and network with leading experts!
  • Educational opportunities such as periodic webinars and seminars at the annual conference, both at reduced cost for members, keep skills sharp and up-to-date.
  • Our flagship publication, Spectrum, is a highly respected publication in our field, keeping our members in touch and informed.
  • Key communications via E-news, our website and social media, put the latest information about hearing research, new initiatives, legal and regulatory issues, and more in your hands.
  • NHCA teaching tools, like our Practical Guide pamphlet series, make your training, motivation, and education activities easier and more effective.
  • NHCA committee and task force membership provides leadership opportunities while promoting hearing loss prevention through the development of position statements, training and education initiatives, professional recognition efforts, collaboration with related professional organizations, and more. 

NHCA Membership

NHCA Membership is a date-based membership lasting one year from join date, with the exception of Commercial Members, whose membership period is January 1 - December 31.

NHCA Membership Categories, Fees and Benefits

  • Individual Member - $235
    Status is available to those holding a graduate or professional degree in an area related to hearing conservation, or who have equivalent professional experience as determined by NHCA's Executive Council. Members receive Spectrum, publications and teaching tools, significant discounts on conference and seminar registration fees, hold full voting rights and are eligible to hold office.

  • Associate Member - $190
    Status is available to those who share our interest in hearing conservation, but do not qualify for full Member status. Associate members receive all the benefits of membership, but cannot vote or hold office.

  • Retired Member - $100
    Status is available to those who have been a member of NHCA in good standing for at least 30 years, are age 65 or older, and are retired. 

  • Professional Service Provider (PSP) - $450
    Status of membership is designed for firms providing hearing conservation services. PSP organizations may designate two representatives to receive member benefits, and have special recognition in the NHCA directory along with other benefits. One of the PSP representatives must meet the requirements of Member status.

  • PSP Additional Member (PSPA) - $90
    Status is available to employees of PSP members not eligible for Member or Associate status and who are not already designated as the secondary representative. PSPA's receive Spectrum, a member certificate, access to the Member's Only section of the website and email broadcasts, but cannot vote or hold office.

  • Commercial Members (CM) - $995
    Status is available to businesses or organizations making or distributing products related to hearing conservation. Commercial members receive all of the Member-level benefits, a directory listing on the website, advertising opportunities in the NHCA Spectrum, the ability to Sponsor NHCA, and discounted Exhibit Fees to attend the NHCA Annual Conference. 

  • Early Career Professional (ECP) - $90
    Early Career Professionals are entitled to discounted membership based on the number of years elapsed since receipt of an entry-level professional degree or certification for the professional's career track.  If it has been more than 3 years since you received your entry-level degree or certification, please select the Full Member rate.

  • Student - $20
    Status of membership is available to individuals pursuing a degree in a field related to hearing conservation at least half-time in an accredited educational institution. Student members receive all of the benefits of membership, but cannot vote or hold office.

Members may identify themselves as NHCA members by displaying the NHCA member logo on their website or promotional material.