Learn More About Hearing Conservation

Hearing conservation is the prevention of hearing loss. Although traditional hearing conservation efforts have focused solely on noise in the workplace, the goal of the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) is to prevent ALL hearing loss. This includes exposures to loud noise and/or chemicals that can damage hearing (ototoxic chemicals) in the workplace and all other settings. Examples include:

  • loud workplace noise
  • loud music
  • noise from power tools
  • solvents and other ototoxic chemicals
  • chemotherapy drugs
  • firearm noise

NHCA strives to be the premier resource for individuals involved in hearing loss prevention. Learn more about NHCA.

Hearing is Quality of Life

Hearing is a critical, often under-valued part of quality of life. Hearing hazards such as noise exposure can lead to hearing loss and/or tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Listen to noise-exposed workers who have damaged hearing here.

Find a Professional Service Provider

NHCA members include some of the best audiometric service providers in the United States. These providers perform audiometric testing for noise-exposed workers and other services, which may include, but are not limited to professional management of hearing conservation programs and workplace noise surveys. NHCA member providers can be accessed here.

Learn at the Only Annual Conference Exclusively Focused on Hearing Conservation

The NHCA Annual Conference is one of the best opportunities for learning about effective hearing conservation programs and cutting-edge research. Our conference also represents an excellent opportunity to meet other hearing conservation professionals. Click here for more information.

Hearing Conservation Information Available Only to NHCA Members

Membership in NHCA provides access to a number of useful members-only resources, including:

  • Spectrum, the flagship publication of NHCA
  • practical guides
  • proceedings of previous conferences
  • a searchable membership directory and community forum

Click here for more information on NHCA member benefits.

Resources from other Organizations on Hearing Conservation Can be found here