Recreational Firearm Noise Resources 

The following section contains information that can be useful in educating recreational firearm users about the hazardous effects of firearm noise on hearing. Several educational tools can be accessed directly including a tinnitus simulator, shooting sports brochure, slides of normal and noise-damaged inner ears, and a recreational firearm noise exposure power point presentation. Also contained in this section are links to the NIOSH hearing loss simulator and an animated video of inner ear function.

If you have any questions about the use of these educational resources or would like to join NHCA’s recreational firearm noise (RFN) task force to help prevent noise-induced hearing loss secondary to excessive firearm noise exposure in your state, please contact Michael Stewart, Ph.D. via [email protected].

  • NHCA Position Statement and Brochure
    NHCA took a in-depth look at firearm noise and its risks and issued a position statement in 2017 entitled Recreational Firearm Noise.  NHCA also has created a Practical Guide #7 entitled Hearing Protection & the Shooting Sports that is available to members for download.  Click here for the position statement.  For the practical guide members must first login and then go to the Members button and select Practical Guides/Teaching Tools.

  • Tinnitus Simulator
    The Tinnitus Simulator is a sound file that represents the "ringing in the ears" sound experienced by persons with tinnitus. Click here to download the simulator.

  • Hearing Loss Simulator (HLSim)
    The Hearing Loss Simulator (HLSim) is a Windows® based program that displays a "control panel" for playing sounds while adjusting the simulated effects of noise and aging. A simulated individual's age (in years) can be entered along with the years of exposure to noise (in A-weighted decibels). The effects are shown visually on the frequency band control panel and sound level display screen while the user listens to the audio playback. Click here to download theHLSim - Hearing Loss Simulator.

  • Hunting & Hearing Video (Central Michigan University): Click here to view the video.