Task Forces and Committees

Conference Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) Chair: Sridhar Krishnamurti 

This task force produces the E-Newsletter on an ongoing basis.

Editor: Marjorie Grantham

International Journal of Audiology (IJA)

Chair: Colleen Le Prell

Leadership Advisory

The Advisory Board serves in an advisory role to the Executive Council and is chaired by the NHCA Immediate Past President.

Gayla Poling

Music-Induced Hearing Disorders

This task force seeks to promote efforts to reduce the risk for developing music-induced hearing disorders in musicians, music-industry professionals, and music listeners. Hearing loss, tinnitus, hypersensitivity to loud sound (hyperacusis), and abnormal pitch perception (diplacusis) are potential consequences of intense exposure to music. However, with effective interventions, risk for these hearing disorders can be minimized, allowing people to engage in the production or appreciation of music.

Chair: Michael Santucci


This task force is chaired by the NHCA President-Elect and is responsible for identifying NHCA members who are willing to run for a position on the NHCA Executive Council.

Chair: Elizabeth Masterson

Prevention of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss from Firearm Noise

The task force to prevent noise-induced hearing loss secondary to recreational firearm noise exposure was formed to conduct research in the acoustical measurement of firearm noise to define the risks of firearm noise exposure on hearing under different exposure conditions and to educate the firearm user population about how to adequately protect themselves from dangerous exposures. 

Chair: Michael Stewart


The Program (Conference) Committee works very closely with the Executive Committee and the Executive Director to plan and present the annual NHCA conference.

Chair: Bill Murphy

Chair- Elect:
Amy Blank

Social Media

Chair: Michael Murphy


This task force produces the Spectrum newsletter on an ongoing basis.

Chief Editor: Marjorie Grantham

Associate Editor: Vacant


Chair: Vickie Tuten


This task force was set up to identify opportunities for improvements and to 'refresh' the look and content of the NHCA website.

Chairs: Don Finan and Elizabeth Masterson