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Strategic Plan 2020-2023

The National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) Executive Council and staff met online on August 12, 17 and 19, 2020 to develop a strategic plan.

Every organization has a lens through which it views strategic decision-making. These include the mission/vision, values, culture, and core competencies. During the planning sessions, the Vision and Mission statements were both reviewed and revised. The revised statements are as follows:

NHCA Vision (rev. 08-17-2020): To prevent hearing loss and other auditory disorders due to noise and secondary environmental factors in all sectors of society.

NHCA Mission (rev. 08-17-2020): NHCA provides leadership, expertise, and education on hearing loss prevention strategies and services to the broader professional community and empowers and supports members through networking and advocacy.

The Council established four areas of strategic focus moving forward:

  1. Broaden Member Value: Create and implement a plan to increase member value beyond the in-person conference.

  2. Optimize Governance:  Adopt enhancements to the governance system to keep the Executive Council (EC) on target with Strategic Goals, flexibility to respond to external challenges, and efficiently keep tasks/projects moving forward between board meetings.

  3. Expand and Leverage Industry Partnerships:  Establish and execute a process for identifying and prioritizing organizational outreach needs to enhance NHCA’s profile, market programs and services, and find research and advocacy partners.

  4. Establish Financial Resilience: Establish a system to develop and monitor a comprehensive financial management plan that allows a set amount in reserve in case of emergencies as well as funding to launch new initiatives.
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NHCA Strategic Plan

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