Michael Beall Threadgill Leadership & Service Award

Initially designated the Outstanding Leadership and Service to NHCA award, it was renamed in 1990 in memory of Michael Beall Threadgill.  Michael was an occupational audiologist passionate about his work and the mission of NHCA.  He served as Program Chair for several years. Through his efforts, NHCA benefited from increased awareness of the association and critical growth in membership.  His death in a private airplane crash, in the prime of his life and career, was a loss to NHCA and to the many who had come to admire him for his dedication.  This award, first presented in 1986 to Alan Feldman, was established to recognize outstanding leadership and service to NHCA over a sustained period of time. It may be conferred annually if a suitable candidate is recommended by the Nominations Task Force and approved by the Executive Council.

To learn more about the recipients and their specific contributions, NHCA members can access the Spectrum Conference Supplements. The Supplement corresponding to the year of the award will contain a photograph of the awardee and their encomium.


2022 Rick Neitzel
2020 Elliott Berger
2016 Cory Portnuff
2012 Laurie Wells
2010 Deanna Meinke
2009 Theresa Schulz
2008 Ted Madison
2007 James Lankford
2006 Randy Tubbs
2004 Lee Hager
2003 Mary McDaniel
2002 Merlyn Lubiens
2000 Dennis Driscoll
1999 Barbara R.B. Garrett
1998 Susan Cooper Megerson
1997 John Franks
1996 Elliott Berger
1995 Jim Banach
1994 Andy Stewart
1993 Don Wolfe
1992 Rena Glaser
1991 Martha Layne
1990 Michael Beall Threadgill


In 1990, the Outstanding Leadership and Service to NHCA Award was renamed the Michael Beall Threadgill Award.

Past Recipients:

1988 Don Gasaway

1987 Alice Suter

1986 Alan Feldman